SCIENCE - Revitalize FOS Lounge

May 1, 2018
Oct 2018

Directors Claim They Never Campaigned On This

October 12, 2018

When the Science Directors were asked about the upgrades they supposedly said that this was not something they campaigned on. They have yet to acknowledge this was a campaign point.

May 2018

Not Under the RSU

UNIFY Website May 02, 2018

The Science Lounge is under the jurisdiction of the Ryerson Science Society. Last year the RSS VP Operations put together a SIF request for a space upgrade. This upgrade includes new tables, new chairs, a TV for advertising, a microwave, storage space and an accessible door entrance button. This had nothing to do with the RSU.

May 2018

Campaign Promise

UNIFY Website May 01, 2018

Currently, the FOS Lounge is in need in bad shape. Team Unify intends to revitalize the lounge and create a friendly environment for Science students to be in. This includes changing the furniture and improving the ventilation.