No In-Fighting

May 1, 2018
Jan 2019

RSU Board & Executives Call Out RSU President & VP Ops

The Eyeopener January 25, 2019

“You have undoubtedly FAILED us as you trusted advisers and decision making body. More disheartening, you have FAILED the ENTIRE student body at Ryerson University, which transcends to the overall reputation to Ryerson as a university,” they wrote. “So I advise that you dismiss these frivolous attempts to redeem your unscrupulous leadership and let us take it from here to protect the remnants and recover the integrity of this organization.”

In the Facebook messages, Gosal said Faruqi’s email and actions were unilateral and were not approved by the executive. Surowiec defended Faruqi saying his motion was approved by a majority vote. “Actually we had a meeting it was official, all execs attendance,” said Surowiec in the group chat. “Stay in your lane.”

May 2018

Campaign Promise

Eyeopener May 01, 2018

I feel like there’s a lot of infighting within the executives. The RSU is an organization that is supposed to be coming out and working for the students. I don’t see the RSU doing that. I see the RSU and the executives fighting amongst each other. I look at the issue and I see a couple of executives really pushing hard for the students, a couple executives coming out and pushing plans like U-Pass and pushing plans like a career development grant, and other executives trying to take credit for that. I feel like that is an extremely toxic environment and that is not okay. Credit has to be taken by somebody that has actually worked on a product. And when I see these elections, you clearly see where the problems are from. It is a broken board and a broken executive and a lack of communication. When a president feels that it is okay to go ahead and publish a statement on behalf of an entire organization without consulting its board, that is a problem. I would do things differently by communicating and being more open and transparent with my board of directors.

If elected, I will make sure that there is no hostile environment in the office. I will make sure that the office is a place where you come to get the work done and not share your political agenda, impose a political agenda on your fellow executives.