Budget in 60 Days

May 1, 2018
Oct 2018

Budget Posted by Board Member

Facebook October 29, 2018

The Student Group director on the RSU posted the RSU budget to Facebook.

Jul 2018

No Budget Has Been Posted

RSU Website July 11, 2018

As of July 11th, no budget has been posted.

May 2018

No Budget Presented

Eyeopener May 29, 2018

The budget for the upcoming year still has not been presented or approved by the board.

[NOTE] Since the next board meeting is not until August, as stated later in this article, there seems no way to have a budget ready and ratified in 60 days as promised

May 2018

Campaign Promise

Eyeopener May 01, 2018

As your vice-president operations, my goal is to finish the budget within the first 60 days in office