May 1, 2018
Nov 2018

RU Pass is Approved

November 22, 2018

The RU-Pass referendum was successful with a very large voter turnout and an overwhelming majority of students voting in favour.

There are concerns from students that there was misinformation spread during the campaign, such as incorrect dates for voting, lies about being able to opt-out and being forced to vote yes by volunteers among other concerns. But the vote does not seem like it will be overturned by the Ryerson election committee.

May 2018

U-Pass Renamed

Eyeopener May 29, 2018

A motion passed to rename the U-Pass, referendum that refers to the implementation of a $70 TTC transit pass in the fall semester, to RU-Pass after the U-Pass referendums failed at the University of Toronto and George Brown College. During the meeting, Salman Faruqi, vice-president education, said rebranding the U-Pass will make Ryerson students enthusiastic and give them more ownership of their campaign.

May 2018

Campaign Promise

Eyeopener May 01, 2018

After the price has been approved the RSU must present the initiative to the Board of Governors and run a referendum campaign. I intend to run the campaign in the fall semester of 2018 using my experiences as student action commissioner on the RSU [last year].

I’d like to pass the U-pass referendum in the fall semester of 2018